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How to start own IPTV Reseller – Become IPTV Reseller 2023

how to become iptv reseller

to start your IPTV Reselling business you just need to get the IPTV Reseller Panel

IPTV Reseller Panel enables you to start your own reseller business. You can create a connection for each of the customer and provide them a connection.


How to become a Reseller of IPTV Service

You just need an IPTV Reseller Panel to start with the IPTV Reselling business, We offer the IPTV Reseller panels to make money as much as possible as a side hustle. You just create and deliver the line from your panel. we handle all the backend services working on the servers .

if i am a iptv reseller, can i choose which channels i want for subscribers

Yes you can select which channel you want to select for the customers. You have complete control of each content category as show in the iamge below. 

reseller panel content select

How IPTV Credit Works

The panel works with the credits . Every time you create a connection your credit will be consumed. You can check the panel credits consumption as below.

0.1 Credit = 1 Month Subscription

0.3 Credit = 3 Month Subscription

0.6 Credit = 6 Month Subscription

1 Credit = 1 Year Subscription

1.8 Credits = 2 Years Subscription

How to turn of IPTV Service as a Reseller

Yes. You have full control of each line. you can enable or disable the line. or even you can change the username or password of the line to restrict access. 

How to be a Master Reseller with IPTV

Master Reseller can provide the reseller panel to its users. So you can also distribute the reseller panel from the master reseller panel. You can add credits to your customer’s panels.

 To become Master Reseller you need to buy Minimum of 100 Credits Panels which Cost 1200$.


How to become a IPTV Reseller do u have to change the brand?

To Become IPTV Reseller it is not necessary to change your Reseller brand. If you have a customized app for the iptv customers. you can only change the DNS in the mobile app then all good to go.


if you to get your own IPTV app you can check the packages for the complete app for you IPTV brand.


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